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Cornelian cherry native plant in the forest, gave since ancient times it's brilliant red fruits for medicinal uses, to be eaten fresh or for the preperation of jams and drinks.
The astringency of the fruit is well known since antiquity. The use of edible fruits against diarrhea and enteritis not competely ignored by pharmaceutics.
Cornelian cherry is the most important from the 50 species of the family cornaceae. Even thou these species grow in temperate zone has been found that their branches have endured in temperatures of -30 C in January - February and is the most impressive yellow flowering tree this time of year.
It was well known since HOMER time with the name "Krania" (Ilias P,767).
Cornelian cherry contains HIGH LEVEL OF FLAVONOIDS AND ANTHOCYANINS during development and ripering of the fruit (have been found 4 flavonoids).
(Extracts from publication of promology institute NAGREF - Naoussa - Greece. C. Tsipouridis, E. Bellini and E.Giordani. Froutonea No 75 page 48-50)
Elsewhere, quoted by the above institute that, contains vitamin C and is very rich in Carotene, Pectin and Tannin.
In other laboratory analysis found hi content of iron (Fe)
<<Cornelian cherry contains Flavonoids and Anthocyanins, in general has POWERFULL ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES.
Due to tannin content has also astingent properties and due to pectin content is regulative of bowel movements>>
(After international bibliographical studies, Pharmaceutical faculty Ar. Un. Thessaloniki).
We that chose these palatable and useful fruits, prepare our Alorea products according to our Grandmothers recipies, for your enjoyment.
The natives by the northern Greek mountains use Cornelian cherry's Products, for stomach or intestinal ailments, period pain, also to treat visitors.
Mix Alorea's Cornelian cherry products in yogurt, ice cream, use as dressing in fruit, salads, cakes, as dressing with lemon in salads or with water and ice as coldrinks.
The above are for informations only.
The manufactures and sellers of Alorea products don't claim that these products intented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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